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Alloy Recovery Chains


Grade 100 Tow Chains

These Grade 100 chain slings are certified for recovery and over head lifting. Grade 100 chain provides the strength and ductility the towing professional requires. The chains have a cradle grab hook at each end. Each chain is proof tested, tagged with a heavy steel tag and supplied with a certificate of test.




Heavy Recovery Chain Kit

A versatile chain kit consisting of common chains used in heavy duty towing and recovery. All chains have grab hooks at each end.

The Grade 100 chains are tagged and certified. 14 piece kit. Total weight is 340 lbs.




ELIMINATOR™ Recovery Slings


The SINGLE LEG “Eliminator” combines features of a master link, connecting link, grab hook and adjuster leg providing you with one fitting for adjusting chain slings. How is one sling many slings? With the new “Eliminator”… that’s how. The new grade 100 “Eliminator” makes chain length adjustment fast and easy during your recovery work.






Double Leg Eliminator™ Recovery Slings

The DOUBLE LEG "Eliminator" offers the same features as the single, only it is designed for two legs of chain. This two leg design allows for adjustment of unequal loads and leg lengths.









These popular heavy recovery chains are just the ticket for close in work. The assembly with the grab hook allows for the use and adjustability of additional slings. Metal Working Load Limit Tagged.




Grade 100 Components

Grade 100 chain and fittings are quickly becoming the standard for heavy recovery and overhead lifting. These fittings offer you the quality and reliability that Crosby is known for.


Grade 80 Chain

Self Locking Hooks

These hooks are grade 80 forged alloy steel and have a positive lock latch which is self-locking when loaded. They can be used on alloy chain as well as wire rope winch lines. The swivel model uses a bronze bushing for ease of rotation.

Coupling Links

These coupling links are grade 80 and approved for lifting but priced right for using to connect different components to grade 70 chain assemblies or to create clusters.

Clevis Grab Hooks with Cotter Key

Grade 80 Clevis style grab hooks are forged steel with quick and easy pin and cotter key assembly.

Alloy Safety & Recovery Chains

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