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Car Carrier Straps


Car Carrier Strap

This tiedown strap has 12” of 5/16” G7 chain on the fixed end allowing it to be anchored on the flatbed. The cluster hook then attaches to the vehicle. 12’ long. Cluster has forged T, R and mini J hook.




Car Carrier Strap

This is our newest car carrier strap. It is very similar to the strap found above but much of the hardware is eliminated. This 12’ strap has our combo mini J and T hook alone on a ring. Less hardware to mess with. Simple and light weight.




Car Carrier Strap

This car carrier strap uses our chain anchor on the ratchet for securing to the wrecker bed and a twisted snap hook with latch on the adjustable end. This hook is perfect for hooking into axle straps, rings or bars. 8’ long.




Car Carrier Strap

Snap hooks on both ends of this strap allows for easy hook up to “D” rings or bars. The adjustable strap encompasses the axle and the twisted snap hook attaches to a “D” ring sewn to the body of the strap. This enables the strap to be adjustable as it secures the vehicle. 12’ long with sleeve.




4 Point Car Carrier Strap

For those looking for damage-free towing, this is your answer. This basket assembly is completely adjustable for auto or light truck tires. Each is supplied with a ratchet and chain. When the chain is secured to the key slot, ratcheting tightens the basket strap. Commonly used as a set of four. Sold as each piece.



Car Carrier Strap

Similar in function but different in design to the strap above, this strap allows the operator to secure each wheel by choking the vehicles tires. No metal to metal contact. Commonly used in a set of four. Ratchet and chain included. Sold as each piece.




Car Carrier Strap

These are handy straps for tiedowns on car carriers. The strap slips through the flatbed and is secured with a bolt. Sold as a set of four. Supplied with bolts and nuts. Commonly used on Century™ flatbeds.




Porsche® Car Carrier Strap

The low profiles of Sports cars such as Porsche™, BMW™, Mini Cooper™ and others create new problems for carrier operators. This strap is feed through the wheel rim, choked around the tire and ratcheted to an anchor point. 2” wide x 12’ long with heavy “D” ring on one end. Commonly used in a set of 4. Sold as each piece.





All-Grip® loose end flatbed straps are made from resin treated polyester for maximum wear and minimum stretch. 2” wide.



Motorcycle Slings

All-Grip® motorcycle slings were developed to boom motorcycles effectively while avoiding damage associated with conventional chain slings. Consisting of one 4’ and one 6’ nylon sling with twisted eyes, each sling is placed through the frame of the motorcycle and then attached to the winch hook. The tires are then anchored to the wheel lift bar utilizing (2) two endless ratchet straps. It is then hoisted and is ready for transport.

The MSK100 kit consists of 2 slings, 2 endless ratchet straps and a carrying case. Slings only are available as Part # MSS001, and the ratchet straps only are available as Part # 800C - 3EN.





Motorcycle Dolly

The All-Grip® Motorcycle Dolly was designed for simplified yet stable loading of motorcycles onto carrier rollbacks. Essentially, it provides for the bike to be anchored to the dolly and the dolly then winched upon the carrier deck. The unit consists of heavy zinc plated steel components which quickly disassemble into sections which will fit into a 24” wide tool box. The front wheel of the motorcycle is pushed into the dolly and secured with the front wheel ratchet strap. Four other ratchet straps then secure the bike to the outriggers of the dolly. Attach your V sling to the dolly and winch up to the carrier deck. Four additional ratchet straps then are used to tiedown the dolly and bike to the carrier. Made to accommodate motorcycles up to 900 lbs. Complete with four 6’ and four 16’ ratchet straps.


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