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Recovery Straps & Slings

All-Grip® recovery Straps, commonly known as rollover straps, are the premier straps in the industry. Made from Class 7 -9800 nylon webbing, they offer the best in strength, yet the soft, pliable webbing conforms and supports the load, making your recovery job easier. Eyes are reinforced with a heavy abrasive resistant material and are tapered to accept web shackles. We offer the widest selection and special fabrication is available on request. Each recovery strap and sling is tagged with the working load limits per O.S.H.A. and D.O.T.


The standard of the industry, All-Grips® single ply Recovery Straps offer versatility and economy. 15 standard models. Specials are also available.


Heavy duty double ply Recovery Straps average 30% - 40% increased work loads over standard single ply straps. Ideal for those larger recoveries.


3 ply Recovery Straps are for Extra Heavy Recovery. Three layers of webbing are sewn together resulting in the strongest straps in the industry.



Round Slings

These polyester round slings are an endless type available in multiple capacities. They are made of polyester fibers encased in a double thick web sleeve.

They are extremely handy for many types of hoisting and recovery work.

A valuable item to have in your tool box!





Endless Round Sling Kit - Part# HSK

This heavy round sling kit consists of 12 polyester round slings. This selection of slings has proven to be a good kit choice for heavy recovery work.

  • The kit consists of 2 each of 6 different slings.
  • High strength polyester fibers are encased in a double jacketed cover
  • Color coded for ease of selection.
  • Weight is 113 lbs.




    Eye & Eye Round Slings

    Eye & Eye Round Slings are made more durable by the addition of a heavy cordura jacket which forms an eye at each end.

  • This jacket gives the sling greater resistance to abrasion.
  • Color coded eyes.
  • Available in same sizes and lengths as our round slings.





    Web Shackles

    Manufactured from heat treated carbon steel with alloy pins, these shackles have a galvanized finish. The pin easily pulls for quick insertion into the eye of your recovery straps.

    Please note:
    some two-ply and three-ply recovery straps can exceed the working load limit of its equivalent sized web shackle.


    Sling Shackles & Web Connectors
    The increased radius of the bow and or spool gives wider sling bearing surface resulting in an increased area for load distribution, thus:

    • Increasing Synthetic Sling efficiency by at least 15% as compared to standard anchor and chain shackle bows and conventional hooks.
    • This allows 100% of the slings rated Working Load Limit to be achieved.
    • Allows better load distribution on internal fibers.

                                              Screw Pin Shackles

                                              Web Connector


    Round Sling Hooks

    These forged hooks are ideal for quick connections to round slings. Simply opening the hook latch and installing within the slings bearing area provides an instant hook attachment.

    They are color coded and rated to the equivalent round sling color.




    Nylon Slings

    These flat nylon web slings work well in a variety of hoisting applications including undecking and trailer loading.

    These are the heavy duty two ply slings made for the towing industry.


    Wire Rope Slings

    Wire rope slings, commonly known as wire rope chokers are strong and less susceptible to damage from edges. Flemish spliced eyes at each end. Popular sizes shown.




    Riggers Card

    A handy accordion fold plastic laminated card full of useful information for riggers, towing professionals and anyone who makes their living with slings, straps, chains and wire rope. Fits in the pocket or wallet.

    Riggers Handbook A pocket sized useful guide full of detailed information and facts that all riggers, whether novice or expert, will find helpful. Just what the heavy recovery pro needs.




    Corner Protectors

    Always use Corner Protectors!
    All-Grip® corner protectors are a must for all straps that contact loads. A seemingly dull edge can become a knife when the strap is put in tension. Always use corner protectors.

    Cordura Sleeve (Light Duty)

    This sleeve is made of tubular cordura nylon. Protects against abrasive wear. Light duty use. Slides and positions easily. Sold by the foot.

    Fire Hose (Medium Duty)

    This tubular sleeve is actual fire hose without the rubber liner. It is heavy woven polyester and is sold by the foot.

    Synthetic Leather with Velcro Closure (Heavy Duty)

    This heavy-duty Synthetic Leather sleeve can be placed anywhere on the web body. It is 3/16” thick and is available for our widest straps. 24” long. Velcro Closure.

    Nylon Web Sleeve with Velcro Closure (Heavy Duty)

    This heavy-duty nylon web sleeve can be attached or removed at any point on the sling by utilizing the velcro closure. 3/16” thick, 24” long, except 980212V which is 12” long.

    Poly Pad (Heavy Duty)

    This pad is made of reinforced rubber sheet, .20” thick. It contours to the load and distributes corner stress evenly. 12” long.



    Recovery Hooks

    Recovery Hook
    This heavy duty hook is made from 1 1/8” Alloy Steel and is the right tool for winching and recovery work. It is 26” long.
    * Not to be used for truck recovery. Working Load Limit is 4,600 lbs.

    ClevLok™ Recovery Hook
    This new Grade 80 recovery hook is load rated at 7,100 lbs. when used with grade 80 3/8” chain. Load pin is captivated by spiral roll pin. Self colored.

    Shackle Kit

    Shackle Kit
    This kit consists of 6 drop forged anchor shackles with alloy screw pins and galvanized finish. Imported. Weight is 64 lbs.


    Shackle Kit by Crosby®
    This kit consists of 6 drop forged anchor shackles with alloy screwpins and 2 alloy master links. Made in USA. Weight is 125 lbs.


    Shackle Kit
    This kit consists of 6 drop forged anchor shackles with alloy screw pins and 2 alloy master links. Imported. Weight is 125 lbs.




    The Terminator™
    by Crosby®

    TerminatorTM assembly includes socket, wedge, pin and wire rope clip.

    Weld-On Anchor Hooks by Crosby®
    These hooks provide for a strong anchor point for chains, wire rope and web slings.

    Shackles by Crosby®
    Drop forged, quenched and tempered. Painted and supplied with screw pins. Size listed is body diameter. Pins are always one fractional size larger for any given body size.


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