Welcome to All-Grip�
Welcome to All-Grip�
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We want to provide you, the Professional Towing and Recovery Operator, the finest products and tools to get the job done efficiently and safely. We never forget that Professional Tow Truck Operators are the users of all-Grip Vehicle Recovery Products and they require and deserve products of uncompromising quality. All-Grip products are sold only through Wrecker and Accessory Dealers because these same tow truck operators also deserve the professionalism, knowledge and inventory that only a local dealer can provide. The local dealer is a critical link in this supply chain. Call your local dealer and demand all-Grip!

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Any reference to names, trademarks or brands of companies other that All-grip found within this catalog are used to identify products compatible with these brands. These trademarks are owned by the owners listed below. Dual-Techcorp (noMar ™) , Miller Industries (American Wheellift™, Avenger™, Century™, Century Formula ™ , Challenger ™ , Champion™ , Eagle ™ , Holmes™ , Vulcan™, Chevron™ , Quick - Pik™ , Formula II™, Miller™, Century Class C™,). Velcro USA (Velcro™), Dupont (Cordura™), Weld Built Corp. (Weld-Built™), Collins-Pacific Inc. (Collins™) Jerr- Dan Corporation (Reilly™, Jerr-Dan™, Quick Pick 40™, MPL/Element™), U-Haul Corp., Inc. (U-Haul™) Aatac Corp. (Aatac™), Dynamic Manufacturing (Dynamic™), Danco Products (Danco™). United Parcel Service (UPS™). The Crosby Group (Crosby, The Terminator™, Red-UBolt™, Quic-Check™, McKissick™,Sling Saver™, Load Rated™, Quenched & Tempered™, Eliminator™), Denver Boot™ (Denver Boot), Klein Tools (Grizzly Bar™), Remco Corp (Remco™), Laitner Broom Corp (Laitner™). Columbus McKinnon Corp, (ClevLok™), Reflexite Corp, (Reflexite™), Ford Motor Company, (Fairlane™), Atlas Wheel Lift Inc., Merlin Hijacker Inc., Peterson Scoop, Club Car, Dr.ing .h.c.F Porsche AG (Porsche™), BMW AG, (BMW, Mini Cooper™), SFA Companies, (Magic Lift™)

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