Welcome to All-Grip�
Welcome to All-Grip�
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Tie Down Accessories

Corner Protectors

Always use Corner Protectors! All-Grip® corner protectors are a must for all straps that contact loads. A seemingly dull edge can become a knife when the strap is put in tension. Always use corner protectors.

2" & 4" Web, Wgt - .50 to .80 lbs.

Reinforced Rubber Sheet, .19” thick, conforms to the load and distributes corner stress evenly. 12” long.

2" Web or Chain, Wgt - .20 lbs.

Tubular sleeve of medium duty cordura web. Sold by the ft.

2" Web, Wgt - .25 lbs.

Tubular sleeve of heavy polyester web. Easily adjusts to any place on the strap. Heavy duty type. Sold by the ft.

2" & 4" Web, Wgt - .15 lbs.

Molded plastic corner protector.

See Brochure for additional corner protectors.

Tiedown Rings

These tiedown rings are extra heavy duty for use on wreckers, steptrailers and lowboys. Weldable clip included.

Carrier Tiedown Rings

These tiedown rings are for carrier mounting. They make great anchor points when secured correctly. They use (2) 3/8”x3” grade 8 carriage bolts. (Not Supplied)

Rubber Tarp Straps

These tough, durable ties are used wherever firm, but resilient tension or support is needed, such as for tarps, covers, etc. The rubber is especially compounded for maximum sun and weather resistance. The ends are reinforced for added strength and life. Not a tiedown. Packaged 50 To A Box




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