Welcome to All-Grip�
Welcome to All-Grip�
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Web V Slings

Anatomy of an All-Grip® “V” Sling

  • Drop Forged Pear Link
  • Pro Edge cut resistant webbing used on all V Slings.
  • Eyes are tapered and an eye buffer is sewn in the eye for better fit and wear.
  • Full two-ply web bodies which allow for only one splice. (no edge to catch on the car carrier body.)
  • Wear resistant cordura is sewn to the outside of the eye to guard against abrasion.
  • We use only forged J hooks, T hooks and mini J hooks which provide for a much stronger connection.



Web V Assemblies with Forged Hooks


Dickie Diaper

"Web V Sling Protection"
manufacturers the finets Web V Sling in the industry, however even the best can be cut and damaged by sharp under chassis frame members. Our experience has shown that when this type of damage occurs, it is usually located at the eye area of the hook end. Our plant superintendent, Dick Wilson brain-stormed this problem and presented an idea to management for a Web V Sling protector.

The result is our new "Dickie Diaper". Simply slip the pad through the hook ring, fold over and secure the Velcro fasteners. You’ve now diapered your V Sling for added protection from sharp edges.





All-Grip® Axle V Straps

Axle V Straps are ideal for those applications that require no metal to metal contact. They are designed to wrap the axle of the vehicle so that it may be winched upon the carrier deck. Built in wear pad at axle area.

Nylon Web Sleeve w/Velcro

“Web V Sling Protection” This heavy-duty nylon web sleeve can be attached or removed at any point on the sling by utilizing the velcro closure.

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