Welcome to All-Grip�
Welcome to All-Grip�
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Wheel Lift Straps


Pro-Edge Platinum Tiedown Straps

This new webbing is used on all our 2” and 3” tiedown straps. This material is made for the towing professional and will outlast standard tiedown webbings. The edges of this webbing have black woven yarns of a superior enhanced fiber to be more resistant to cutting and abrasive wear. The distinctive black edges and logo identify these new straps.







Wheel Lift and Dolly Straps




RACHETS & Accessories


Pins & Camlocks

Cam locks, aka Plunger pins or Twist locks are used in a number of applications for the towing industry.

Twisting the handle rotates and cams the head of the pin, drawing it away from the hole. Reversing this action allows the spring loaded pin to return to its closed position, locking in adjustable L arms etc..

They are zinc plated and have grease zerks.

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