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Winch Lines

Winchline ‘n a box

All Grip® Wire Rope Winchlines are superior to most other winchlines found in the market place due to the hand splice and swage sleeve (Flemish eye) end terminations. Each eye is protected by a steel liner (thimble) to guard against premature bearing point eye wear.

Each winchline is supplied with a drop forged alloy eye hook on one end. Spring loaded safety latches are standard equipment on our winchlines. All lines are right Regular lay. Both fiber core and steel core winch lines are available. *

*Each line is packaged in a heavy duty box which makes handling and shipping by UPS very convenient.



Swivel Hook Winchlines

These winchlines are made to the same rigid standards that our fixed hook winchlines are. They too are shipped in the convenient and storage friendly box.





Self-Locking Eye Hook Winch Lines

All Grip® continues to offer the broadest and most complete line of winch lines for the towing professional with our newest offering of winch lines with Self-Locking hooks. The new hooks are operated by depressing the trigger, allowing the hook to open. When a load is applied, these hooks “self-lock” and remain locked until the load is released and the trigger once again is pressed to open. These hooks combined with our high quality wire rope make for secure and positive connections.

**We use our heavy duty storage friendly box which makes for ease of storage and shipping.




Self-Locking Swivel Hook Winch Lines

These winch lines are made of the same high quality components as our selflocking eye hook winch lines, only the hook supplied is a self-locking swivel type.

These are becoming very popular on car carriers.





Winchline - Swaged

What’s so special about the new All Grip® Super Swaged winch line? . . . . Well, lots of things . . . . but the two primary advantages of swaged wire rope over conventional wire rope are “higher break strength” and better resistance to crushing. This is achieved by rotary swaging, which is a process of compaction. An oversized wire rope is swaged, which reduces the voids and produces a more solid cross section of wire rope. The result is more steel within a given area which increases the break strength dramatically. These same characteristics allow for greater outer surface area contact on drums and sheaves which resists crushing and deformation.


The new All Grip® swaged winch lines are specially made from 6 x 26 swaged construction with an independent wire rope core. (IWRC) Why not give some a try today!





Wire Rope Extensions

Need to lengthen your winchline? These wire rope extensions provide you that need.

Place your winchline hook into the thimbled eye of the extension and you've increased the length of your line by 50 ft. Steel core. (IWRC) Packed in a heavy duty cardboard box.




Boom Support Cables

There are wreckers and older equipment that still require the use of Boom Support lines. These are the same as factory replacements. Constructed of 6x19 Eip Fibercore wire rope with a flemished thimbled eye at one end. Other end plain.





Wire Rope Hardware

Eye Hooks

All Eye Hooks feature drop forged construction. Alloy Steel. Supplied with hook latch. Order extra latches found below.

Wire Rope Clips

Drop forged wire rope clips are galvanized finished. These are not the cheap malleable clips found in hardware stores, but the original “Crosby™” Red U Bolt™.

Swivel Eye Hooks

Similar to the standard eye hooks, but supplied with a swivel bale to aid in hook rotation. Alloy Steel. Supplied with hook latch. Order extra latches!

Self Locking Hooks

These hooks are grade 80 forged alloy steel and have a positive lock latch which is self-locking when loaded. They can be used on alloy chain as well as wire rope winch lines. The swivel model uses a bronze bushing for ease of rotation.

Hook Latches

These are the replacement latches for our eye hooks and swivel eye hooks. Comes complete with latch, spring, bolt & nut.

Boom Sheaves

These are replacement sheaves commonly found on tow truck booms. They are cast iron and all have bronze bushings. 3 models to choose from.


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