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About Us

Comment: A word about standards

SURFACE TRANSPORTATION ASSISTANCE, INCIDENT MANAGEMENT, ROADSIDE INPECTIONS, CDL’S , MOTOR CLUBS, ETC……All are current Buzz Words and are topics of keen interest to those in the towing industry today, and well they should be for all these fiercely debated topics can affect the livelihood, well being and professional stature of those in the towing industry. One topic that deserves a higher priority is the implementation of standards which would aid in the proper selection, use and removal from service of Vehicle Recovery Equipment (Slings, Straps, Chains, Tie Downs, etc.) These items also affect the livelihood, well being and professional stature of those in the towing industry because injury or death can result with their improper use. There is no doubt that the need for these standards exist and the implementation of these standards in conjunction with common terms and load ratings will help to forge consistency within our industry. Standards which produce consistency in quality and a system by which all like products are to be load rated will enable the user of Vehicle Recovery Equipment to make better judgments in the selection, use and removal from service of this equipment.

There are many pages in this website committed to the education of the user for these products. Selection guides, operating practices and criteria for the removal from service of equipment are included. Working Load Limits are assigned to each sling, strap, tie down and related rigging hardware found within this website. Ratios of Load Rating to Break strength for lifting and recovery gear follow the recommendation of O.S.H.A. and A.S.M.E. B30. Ratios of Load Rating to Break Strength for tie down gear follow the recommendations of C.V.S.A.

Towing Vs. Recovery

You will see that the downloadable PDF’ pages found under each product category refers to one of two headings…..One is “Towing” and the other heading is “Recovery”. I like to define these terms in the following way: “Towing” is when a vehicle is disabled or not capable of being driven but is still on the roadway able to roll. The relative simple task of securing it to a traditional sling truck or winching it onto a rollback bed for proper tie down placement is a fairly routine job for a properly trained tow truck operator. This type of operation would be classified as light to medium duty “Towing” and the equipment found on the pages designated “Towing” has been selected and is suitable for such work. “Recovery” is a much more complicated matter as the vehicle or casualty can be over turned ….damaged so that it does not roll…..located off road…..in water….down a hill or all of these examples combined. “Recovery also refers to most truck, trailer, bus, motor home and airplane casualties. These scenarios require the use of heavy duty rigging equipment and the knowledge and skill to use them. Equipment including Rollover straps, Web and Round slings, grade 80 and 100 Chain assemblies as well as heavy duty rigging hardware have been selected and is suitable for these heavy duty to extreme heavy duty “Recovery” jobs.

About Us

For over thirty-nine years we have manufactured and supplied products of uncompromising quality. Innovation, Reliability and Strength are all key words associated with the all-Grip name. There are also words to describe the dealers that sell all-Grip Vehicle Recovery Products…….words like integrity, knowledge and professionalism. All-Grip Vehicle Recovery Systems are sold only through Wrecker Dealers and Distributors. They are an important link in the distribution process for they provide you with local stock, services and expertise. Remember, it is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability of a product for any particular use. Check all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. Read and understand all operating instructions and warnings. Seek out additional information, education and training……and make Safety your Buzz Word.

Stan Truitt
Western Sling and Supply

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